2018 turkeyshoots requirements for the 143rd corporate board


Submit all documents to turkeyshoots@columbiaspectator.com


Thursday November 1—Thursday December 6: Shadowing period

Saturday November 10: Self-reflection due at 5pm

Sunday November 11: Self-reflection meeting with the Turkeyshoots


TBD: Corporate and Managing Board candidate meeting

Saturday November 17: Ethics, editing, and managing tests due at 5pm

Sunday November 18: Ethics meeting with the Turkeyshoots board

Sunday November 25: Proposals due at 11:59 pm

Monday November 26: Printed proposals due in 414 before 11:59pm

Friday—Saturday November 30—December 1: Presentations

Friday—Saturday December 7—8: Interviews, deliberations, MB Champagne

required application components

Note: Additional smaller tasks may be given by the Turkeyshoots Board to candidates as part of the shadowing period.

  • 15-20 page proposal

  • 15-minute presentation

  • Interview with Turkeyshoots board

  • Ethics test

  • Editing test (EIC/ME only)

  • B&I test (EIC/Publisher only)

  • Self-reflection (1-2 pages)

  • Meetings with everyone on 142nd CB/MB

  • Meetings with everyone running for 143rd CB/MB/DB

  • Strongly encouraged: Meetings with alumni (Alumni below are organized by position held, but all CB candidates should reach out to alumni outside of their own desired position)

    • EIC

      • Catie Edmonson

      • Caroline Chiu

      • Michael Ouimette

      • Sammy Roth

      • Ben Cotton

      • Sarah Darville

      • Abby Abrams

    • ME

      • Clara Chan

      • Ben Libman

      • Samantha Cooney

      • Finn Vigeland

      • Thomas Rhiel

      • Maggie Alden

      • Steven Lau

    • Publisher

      • Michael Ouimette

      • Daniel Freedman

      • Alex Smyk

  • Shadowing

    • EIC/ME candidates

      • Run a Sunday CPM

      • Attend one weekly meeting for each section (EIC must attend both Journalism and B&I meetings)

      • Run three production nights from doping to web reads

        • In November, one non-Wednesday night

        • One Wednesday print night

        • One night in the week following Thanksgiving

    • Publisher candidates

      • Attend section meetings for each B&I section

      • Shadowing and extra discussions about Engagement and Spectrum


Good Luck!