SpecTech develops digital products that enhance the lives of Columbia students. SpecTech staff build their coding skills and portfolios by working with a variety of programming languages.

Products you’ll create reach an audience of thousands, and you’ll be supported by accomplished peers and mentors. And by working at Spectator, you’ll have the opportunity to learn software engineering as a beginner and eventually grow to work on software development at a high level. At the same time, you'll be working in a professional environment, leading other coders to make important decisions about work you’re producing.



Create the next big thing with a team of passionate developers. Learn Swift and understand the iOS development environment.


Develop, iterate, and launch features in a friendly, fast paced environment. Work with Ruby on Rails and apply both front and end back end coding techniques to web apps used by thousands of people.


Code and maintain Spectator’s publications and websites, such as our flagship Columbia Daily Spectator. Gain valuable front-end experience in HTML, Javascript, and CSS and work closely with notable partners like the Washington Post.

Michael Tai

Deputy Publisher | 141st Spectator Managing Board

"At Spec, I've had the chance to work with the most intelligent, dedicated software engineers and product designers, and together, we have launched and monetized amazing products. The drive and energy here is incredibleit is easily the best way to grow during your time here at Columbia."


Here are some of the recent projects we've worked on for the Columbia community.