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9/2, Saturday - 9/3 Sunday: Open Houses

9/8 Friday: Open Houses

9/8 Friday: Applications open

9/11 Monday: Applications close

9/15 Friday - 9/20 Wednesday: First-Round Interviews

9/22 Friday: Second-Round Interviews

Decisions are released shortly after interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend an Open House to apply?

While you do not need to attend an Open House to apply for a position as a trainee, you are highly encouraged to do so. Open Houses will convey essential information and give you an informed perspective on what Spectator is about. Also, there are plenty of goodies to be given away.

How can I apply?

After attending an open house, you will be asked to submit an application on our website as well as a copy of your resume. Subsequently, you will be scheduled for an interview at the Spec office.

The application and interview will probably touch upon your existing skillsets and past experiences, and also about your interest in Spectator.

Do I need past journalistic/technical talent in order to apply?

No. We have a comprehensive on-boarding program in order to ensure that our trainees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of their job scope. All you need is a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Why are there separate Open Houses for Visuals and SpecTech?

Across Spectator’s two main divisions, Journalism and B&I, we sometimes require candidates who are interested in specific fields.

The Visuals Open House will let students know about the visual elements behind our job scopes, such as layout and design for the newspaper and our products.  

The SpecTech Open House aims to inform coders and those interested in app development about the opportunities that exist at Spectator, such as in front- and back-end coding for products such as The Shaft and Courses@CU.

Can I apply for Journalism and B&I positions at the same time?

You are free to apply for positions across both of Spectator’s divisions. However, you will ultimately be required to choose a specific position should you qualify as a trainee. You will not be allowed to take up simultaneous roles across the two divisions.

We hope to help you find the best fit for your interests and talents, so feel free to approach any Speccie with questions.

How does work-study work?

A position with Spec is more than just a jobit is a commitment to a greater cause. Spectator is enormously privileged to offer work-study to many of our qualified staffers in order to enhance socio-economic diversity and relieve their financial burdens.

At the end of your eight-week training period, trainees will apply for work-study funding as a full-time member of staff. Please look out for further details should you join us as a trainee. If you have any questions, please contact

I hope to join Spectator as well as a few other clubs and organizations. Is that okay?

Spectator maintains strict ethical standards, and our staff members are not allowed to take on positions in student government, such as CCSC, ESC, and SGA, as well as in the Public Relations departments of the University or any other clubs and organizations that their specific position might report on.

While we recognize that joining such groups might present a promising opportunity to many students, these groups are frequently the subject of our reporting. Abstention from joining such groups is an important part of maintaining the objectivity and integrity of our journalism.

Additionally, we genuinely believe that you get as much out of Spectator as you put in. Concentrating on your commitment to Spec will allow you to develop to your maximum potential.