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The Columbia Daily Spectator was founded as in 1877 as a literary magazine for the Columbia community. It is the second-oldest college daily newspaper in the country, and has been independent from the University since 1962.

In spring 2014, the Spectator Publishing Company decided to discontinue daily printing of the Columbia Daily Spectator and weekly printing of The Eye in order to shift financial resources and our journalists' focus to the quality of our coverage and our digital presence. Beginning in fall 2014, the Columbia Daily Spectator prints one issue each week, and The Eye thrives online, both publishing on Thursdays.

In September 2014, The Washington Post began providing our publications with digital tools that enhance our journalism and expand our options for storytelling. This technology is what The Post uses every day for its own journalists, and it has already helped Spectator elevate the ways we can present stories online.

Columbia Daily Spectator

Columbia Daily Spectator is the go-to source for all Columbia-related news, insightful opinions, sports updates, arts coverage, and more.


Spectrum is your go-to guide to surviving and thriving at Columbia. Learn how to navigate housing, academics, city, and more with Spectrum's service journalism insights.

The Eye

The Eye is a weekly magazine that publishes thought-provoking content concerning arts, politics, religion, and the philosophical implications of modern culture.