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The Columbia Daily Spectator, Columbia University's official campus newspaper, sincerely congratulates the Class of 2018 on its accomplishments and contributions to our community. As a dedication to the graduating class, Spectator will be producing a Commencement issue, featuring a variety of spotlights and stories focused on commemorating the individual members and collective history of the graduating class. As we work hard to complete this published dedication to our graduates, we also want to offer space for parents, family, and friends of the graduates to share their congratulations and dedications to these individuals. 

Commemorate the moment

The Commencement issue will be a keepsake for posterity, and we hope that the soon-to-be alumni will hold on to it as a memory of the legacy they left here at Columbia. Putting your messages of love and praise in print will ensure that these moments and memories can be preserved for years to come. We encourage every family to purchase a slot of any size and fill it with pictures, dedications, and words of congratulations.

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Spectator supports more than 40 students on work-study, and we hope to eventually expand our program to meet the needs of all students.

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help us make a difference

Spectator serves as the voice of the community, and we have worked closely with many, if not all, of the students in the graduating class in some regard. If you would like to support Spectator through even a small donation, please follow this link: http://www.specpublishing.com/donate/. Any contribution will be recognized in our Annual Report, and we will be truly grateful for your assistance in forwarding our mission of informing and engaging Columbia parents, students, alumni, and friends. 

design and logistical details

In order for your order to be placed successfully, you must choose a message size, fill out the form, and send specifications to the emails above. If you have any questions about Spectator's congratulatory messages, pricing, or payment, please email sales@columbiaspectator.com or call ‭(949) 701-2753‬. 

You are more than welcome to design the message yourself, or you can opt to have our staff designers put together the message free-of-charge. We are happy to accept all pictures and text that will fit within the dimensions of your selected size. If you wish for Spectator to design the message, please email sales@columbiaspectator.com with your instructions for the copy of your dedication no later than Sunday, May 13th. All completed messages should also be emailed to sales@columbiaspectator.com no later than Sunday, May 13th in PDF format.