Spectator is Columbia's largest student-run media group. We are the parent organization of the Columbia Daily Spectator, The Eye, and Spectrum. 

Our Mission

Spectator's mission has two parts equal in importance. We create publications and products united by a goal of helping our audience make the most out of their Columbia experience. Spectator has a 142-year tradition of doing this through journalism, and we still know that our best and most effective work comes through telling in-depth, well reported stories that hold those in power accountable for the decisions they make. 

What our staff gets out of the experience of working at Spectator is as important to us as the work we do. We take the growth and development of our staff members so seriously that we consider them an explicit part of our mission, not of secondary benefit to what Spectator creates. Through doing the work of journalism, business, and technology, our staff members grow as people, thinkers, and leaders in a way that is transferable to any industry. We encourage anyone interested in joining Spectator to check our recruitment page or email join@columbiaspectator.com


Email: info@specpublishing.com
Mail: 490 Riverside Dr., Room 414, New York, NY 10027
Phone (General): (212) 854-9549

Meet our team

Corporate Board

Jessica Spitz
President, Spectator
Editor in Chief, Columbia Daily Spectator 

Aaron Holmes
Vice President, Spectator
Managing Editor, Columbia Daily Spectator 

Michael Tai
Vice President, Spectator
Publisher, Columbia Daily Spectator 

Board of Trustees:


Stuart Karle, Chair

Beth Knobel, Vice Chair

Wendy Brandes

Chase Behringer

Ernest Brod

Ben Cotton

Duchesne Drew

Megan Greenwell

Sara Just

Nekesa Moody

Joy Resmovits

Steven Waldman

managing board:  

Editor in Chief: Jessica Spitz

Managing Editor: Aaron Holmes

Publisher: Michael Tai

News Editor: Rahil Kamath

Editorial Page Editor: Octavio Galaviz

Sports Editor: Christopher Lopez

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Sophie Kossakowski

Head Copy Editor: Gustaf Ahdritz

Design Editor: Cheryl Wang, Diane Kim

Photo Editor: Katherine Gerberich

Managing Editor, The Eye: Maya Perry

Revenue Director: Nima Mozhgani 

Head of Product: William Chiu

Staff Director: Hannah Barbosa-Cesnik


If you are interested in republishing Spectator content, please contact our staff at usagerights@specpublishing.com