Donate to Spectator

Fundraising is an essential part of Spectator's success as an independent student media organization and mission to improve the community with the information and programming we create. Through the generous contributions of our alumni and friends, we are able to offer Columbia student the chance to work in journalism, business, and technology. Our general operating budget, which is earned by the student business team, only allows for basic production needs. However, in order to keep expanding and improving our projects and innovations such as Courses@CU and The Shaft, we rely on the funds raised through donations.

The Columbia Daily Spectator staff is comprised of nearly 300 students, who aim to promote informed discussion through our publications and conferences held throughout the year. Donations also fund our career and information conferences throughout the year, which include the Diversity in Media Conference, Women’s Leadership Conference, and the Food Expo. Our programming throughout the year provides a more fulfilling and enriching experience for the greater Columbia community.

Individual donations are also a chance to support a student’s education financing. Your contribution will help to continue the Columbia Daily Spectator legacy of fiscal autonomy, journalistic integrity, and supplemental experience in areas ranging from journalism to business. The Spectator Publishing company is a unique student-run business, and we value your participation in this special community.

Thank you for continued dedication to Spectator's initiatives and prospects.

Previous Events

Spectator often invites distinguished guests to speak at or attend the events held for the Columbia community. Some notable guests include Danny Pudi, Gloria Steinem, Beau Willimon, and President Bollinger.