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What is your gender?
What school do you attend? *
Where did you live immediately prior to attending college?
What ethnicity do you identify as?
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What is your sexual orientation?
Do you identify as a first generation and/or low income student?
What is your family's approximate annual income?
Do you receive financial aid?
Do you feel your financial aid package adequately covers your need?
Do you feel the financial cost of attending Columbia puts stress on you/your family?
Have you sought out mental health support prior to attending Columbia?
Do you have a child?
Does the cost of child care pose a significant problem for you?
Was Columbia your first choice?
Why did you choose Columbia?
What was the biggest turn off when considering Columbia?
Did Columbia’s activist culture influence your decision to come to Columbia?
Do you have a close relative (father, sister, etc.) who has attended Columbia?
What extracurriculars do you plan to participate in
How many classes do you plan to take first semester?
What is your intended area of study?
Did the Core Curriculum/Foundations influence your decision to come to Columbia?
Are you signed up for a Columbia/Barnard health insurance plan?
Do you know what the Manhattanville campus is?
Do you plan to vote in the upcoming presidential election?
What is your political affiliation?
How much time do you spend on Facebook a day?
When do you typically check Facebook?
How often do you anticipate going out to eat a month?
How often do you anticipate going to bars/clubs each month?
How often do you read the news?
Which news outlets do you read?
Do you anticipate joining Greek life?
Have you used study drugs before? Do you anticipate using study drugs while at Columbia?
Do you expect to secure an internship for this coming summer?
What social media do you spend the most time on?