Be the first to grab the attention of our readers with stunning visuals. Take photos, design graphics and illustrations, produce videos,  and craft marketing campaigns with industry-standard and professional-grade design and illustration tools.

Our photographers, designers, and illustrators work in either Spectator's Journalism or Business & Innovations division.

Graphics & illustrations

Become a visual journalist while learning valuable tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Make complicated information easily accessible to our readers with compelling graphics, enhance our weekly print paper with creative layouts, or elicit emotions with vivid illustrations.  


Our photojournalists produce stunning photos that capture key moments in a story that words alone cannot.

product design

Make our products sleek, accessible, and intuitive by crafting interfaces and optimizing user experience. Ensure that our audience interacts smoothly with our websites via quality design.


Design Editor | 141st Spectator Managing Board

"Beyond just creating aesthetically beautiful illustrations, photos, and work in general, we strive to find effective ways to tell stories visually, fundamentally changing the way readers interact with the work our writers produce."