Journalism is at the heart of Spectator’s mission. Be a part of Columbia's oldest tradition and tell stories that make an impact. Staff in Journalism publish content in the Columbia Daily Spectator, Spectrum, and The Eye.



News strives to make an active intervention in the Columbia community by holding administrators, student leaders, and other people in power accountable for the decisions they make through rigorous and fair reporting. Our reporters ask tough questions and develop source relationships with administrators, faculty, students, and staff alike.


Spectrum, Spectator's blog, is your go-to guide to making the most out of your Columbia experience. From figuring out what classes you should take, which dorm to live in, to how you can take part in the local bar scene, bloggers develop expertise on all aspects of college life in order to answer all the questions you have about being a Columbian.


In addition to keeping our readers up to date on the latest games, our Sports section keeps Columbia Athletics accountable for the program they offer their students and highlights the experiences of the hundreds of student-athletes that play for the Light Blue.


Opinion serves as a platform to guide and reflect campus discourse. Opinion staff recruit and edit op-eds submitted by members of the community that offer readers a wide range of perspectives.



Featuring a blend of narrative and visual storytelling, The Eye, Spectator’s weekly magazine, gives readers a personal look behind the Columbia community.


Copy ensures that every piece of content published by Spectator is as accessible and precise as possible with correct grammar and spelling.

J. Clara CHan

Managing Editor | 141st Spectator Managing Board

"This is the place to make a tangible impact on the Columbia community. Our journalism is about so much more than just writing—we're here to seek the truth and hold people in power accountable for their actions in order to improve the experience for Columbia students. By the time our reporters, editors, photographers, designers, and bloggers leave Spec, they are better critical thinkers, leaders, and people."