ABOUT business & innovations (B&I)

Gain transferable skills at the largest student business on campus. Help us close deals with clients, generate revenue, analyze data, design products, launch marketing campaigns, and develop software to sustain and promote Spec for years to come.



Engagement allows Spectator to reach and understand its audience. Through a combination of marketing, data analytics, and social media optimization work, Engagement staffers shape the public face of Spectator.




Staff members in Revenue grapple directly with the real world challenges of business and management, from business-to-business sales to fundraising initiatives.


Invent new products, innovate new features on our website, manage a software project with a group of creative and passionate people. Learn, contribute to, and master every facet of the product development process that every tech company uses.



Through Events, Spectator works to plan, attract, and connect meaningful speakers to the Columbia community. Initiatives like the Columbia Media Conference and the Columbia Women’s Leadership Conference, bring to light issues that resonate with students on campus.


Publisher | 141st Spectator Managing Board

"I'm grateful to have had the chance to work with some of the best minds on campus. Join Spec and I can assure you that you'll learn something usefulwhether it's pitching clients or rolling out a new product that benefits the whole Columbia community."


Here are some of the recent projects we've created.