Editor in chief

The editor in chief is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Spectator spanning across the journalism and business divisions. (S)he will manage the two vice presidents of Spectator (managing editor and publisher) in the execution of their roles. The editor in chief will engage in big-picture thinking about the ways Spectator should create, distribute, and monetize content, focusing on ensuring that Spectator is fulfilling its mission (and in particular, constantly enhancing the quality of our journalism). The editor in chief acts as the final decision maker on both journalism and business matters, the primary liaison to the board of trustees and alumni, point person on legal issues, and serves as the public face of Spectator. The editor in chief will oversee all financial and human resource allocation. The editor in chief is the president of Spectator and sits on Spectator's Editorial Board.

Managing Editor

The managing editor oversees Spectator's three publications: the Columbia Daily Spectator, Spectrum, and The Eye. The managing editor is responsible for directly managing the journalism managing board members and, along with the EIC, drives major editorial projects and coverage across all sections. The ME provides regular feedback and training to all members of staff. The managing editor runs nightly production, from doping to printouts. In addition to updating the weekly sked on Trello, the ME also runs the weekly content planning meetings and has the final approval on the weekly budget of stories for all publications. 

The ME must have strong reporting skills, a thorough understanding of journalistic ethics, and deep institutional knowledge of the University. S(he) must also be a sharp editor, make tough calls, and be able to think clearly and work efficiently under pressure and little sleep. The ME, along with the EIC, has the final approval before pieces are published.

The managing editor is a vice president of Spectator and sits on Spectator's Editorial Board.


The publisher is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Spectator's Business & Innovations division, which includes the organization's product, revenue, events, and engagement teams. (S)he oversees the conceptualization, development, and execution of Spectator's products and events, ensuring that they help students get the most out of their Columbia experience and solve critical information gaps through information. (S)he is responsible for operational revenue generation and fundraising, as well as monetization across all of Spectator's publications, events, and products. (S)he promotes the Spectator brand, and optimizes how Spectator reaches its audience. The publisher directly manages the directors of non-editorial sections and Spectrum, is a vice president of Spectator, and sits on Spectator's Editorial Board.