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help build a stronger spec

Over the summer, Spec moved 24 monitors, 121 boxes, and one very old server up to Harlem, then to Riverside Drive in the pursuit of a new office space. At our temporary workspace in Riverside Church, Spectator kicked off this semester with impactful coverage of the hidden costs of Greek life, Columbia football's rise, and the presence of alt right speakers on campus, as well as the launch of our first Columbia Daily Spectator app.

However, Spectator has not dodged the criticism that journalism is currently facing in the U.S. The increase in discourse surrounding fake news, the First Amendment, and free speech has permeated conversations within and beyond Morningside Heights, and Spectator is striving harder than ever to combat disinformation by building a strong organization of ethical, driven, and talented journalists and innovators. That being said, now in a faraway office that is physically less conducive to driving strong journalism, achieving these goals in this current climate has become increasingly difficult.

What are Spectator’s next steps?

To increase our impact as an organization, we need:

  • To curate an office space more conducive to producing high-quality content

  • To increase the availability of work-study opportunities to broaden our talent pool

We want to equip our current Speccies with the skills, resources, and momentum to critically assess and improve their environments within the Columbia community and beyond.

Your donation this Giving Day would allow Spectator to:

  • Expand our work-study program to even more Barnard and Columbia students who are currently unable to work at Spec due to financial constraints

  • Locate and renovate a permanent office that would provide Speccies with the necessary resources to produce high-quality journalism 

$1500 will support a Speccie’s work-study for one semester, and we appreciate any contribution you can make.



If you would prefer to donate via check, please email for more information.

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The 140th Managing Board. 

The 140th Managing Board. 



By offering work-study, Spectator ensures a wide range of economic diversity on our staff. Students earn up to $1,500 per semester from Spectator.

Learn more about work-study here.


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