Staff director (1 position available)

The Staff Director is responsible for providing staff with substantial support in carrying out their roles by developing a strong sense of community within the office and providing resources for staff members to best utilize the skills they are developing here in a professional context. While the staff director works closely with the corporate board and the managing board, this is a position that requires strong relationships with staff at every level of Spectator, from trainees to deputies. The staff director is responsible for maintaining the milieu in the office through various health and wellness initiatives focused on helping staff members balance their various responsibilities, including bringing in speakers to the office, encouraging healthy work habits and organizing community-orientated events (Spectails, in-office events, etc.) The staff director’s role also requires strong working relationships with members of staff and being aware of their goals/interests both within Spectator and outside of the office and keeping them apprised of opportunities that pertain to their areas of interest. The staff director is responsible for “checking in” with staff members and trainees and ensuring that they have the resources they require to do their jobs to the best of their ability and balance their work responsibilities with their other commitments. He/She is also responsible for cultivating connections outside of Spectator in the professional field and organizing events/opportunities orientated towards the professional development of staff members. This includes maintaining strong connections with Spectator alumni, facilitating workshops and other informational events, and keeping staff members apprised of the professional opportunities available to them as members of Spectator. The staff director assists the Corporate Board by serving as an arbiter of intraoffice conflict and helping coordinate onboarding and off boarding procedures. (S)he also assists CB in administrative and IT operations regarding emails, Slack accounts, and human resources functions. As a member of the Managing Board, the Staff Director sits on Spectator's Editorial Board.