Why is “turkeyshoots” the moniker we’ve affixed to our annual staff selection process?

There is no satisfactory answer. Some posit that the name springs from the tradition of turkey hunters who encircle their prey, just as outgoing Spectator editors encircle their potential successors in order to interview them. Others hypothesize that early Speccies were chosen through a grueling interview process, in which applicants were forced to stalk, shoot, and baste a wild turkey in a single hour. Wikipedia helpfully defines “turkeyshooting” as “trying random stuff until the problem goes away,” which is something we hope to avoid. We’re not sure where the term comes from, but we like how it sounds.

The turkeyshoot process should inspire you to think critically about the challenges facing Spectator. While the process is evaluative, it should also be enjoyable and educational. If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed, or if you just want to chat with us more about the process, please talk to us in the office or contact us at turkeyshoots@columbiaspectator.com.